I have been working in Real Estate since 1982 and have observed a large degree of changes within the industry. Today's market is the most interesting and unusual market to date. We have been under a "Seller's Market" system for several months in Clark County. Sellers that have pursued placing their homes on the market have discovered higher than normal sales prices and sales which occur fairly quiclkly.

Low interest rates, coupled with home prices still fairly low, make our market prime for buyers and sellers. Interest rates will have to rise soon (once politics allow), which could make monthly payments slightly higher than buyers comfort levels may be today.

I would highly recommend buyers wishing to purchase a home, take the time to investigate what is possible today and know the home prices will begin rising over time. They should take advantage of this situation today and not wait much longer. It may be out of reach by then.

Home sellers should certainly take advantage of the Seller Market. It can quicly become a Buyers Market should a lot of homeowners decide to place their homes on the market.

Call me if you need more information or wish assistance in buying/selling a home.