The current markets for Clark County, Cowlitz County and Skamania County continue to show signs of home price increases. These prices are making slow gains which is good for our buyers searching for a reasonably priced home.

Buyers are witnessing a slight increase in their interest rates which will continue as our economy improves. We are not expecting to see a large increase in the interest rates over the next 12 months. The political issues of both local/state/federal, gasoline prices, unemployment rates and overall buyer/seller confidence factors will continue to generate a change in our local markets (up or down).

We currently have fewer homes on the market than we have experienced for several years. This indicates that their is a lack of sellers confidence and or buyers are unable to acquire the necessary financing due to job security/strict banking rules-regulations.  We are hearing rumors of new financing program(s) which may assist some homebuyers, but the details are being held close to the vest at thsi time.

At this time, the VA Loan and USDA Loans are the only loans available which allow "Zero Down" giving buyers the benefit of not being required to pay Mortgage Insurance. Interest rates for FHA and Conventional loans remain low, with the typical 3.5%-5.0% downpayment requirement (which will require you to pay a mortgage insurance for a certain period of time before this can be removed from your loan).

Call me if you have any questions and I will be glad to provide you as much details as possible on your purchasing or selling of property.

Enjoy The Upcoming Spring Sunshine !